Message From Acting Executive Director

All over the world today, many vulnerable people suffer human rights abuse each day because they lack the basic knowledge of their rights as individuals. HRAC is therefore founded on the belief that securing basic human rights in Ghana requires an effective frontline organisation equipped with essential advocacy and research skills, and legal expertise in dealing with individuals, systems and institutions whose activities result in human rights violations in the country.

The primary aim of HRAC is to assist individuals, communities and others whose fundamental human rights have been infringed upon to seek redress within the remit of domestic and international legal framework. The Office runs a human rights and referral centre (Human Rights Clinic) for individuals.

One of the components of HRAC is human rights advocacy and training. The office does this through conferences, workshops and community-based campaigns, and conducts fact finding missions to address human rights violations. It monitors and evaluates compliance with human rights standards through transfer of skills. We will build the capacity of communities to protect their human rights.

Our expectation is to become the epicentre of general human rights issues in Ghana with the objective of providing and disseminating information to policy makers and key stakeholders whilst enhancing and inculcating a human rights culture in public officers, state actors and communities. We envisage our work will enhance good governance, accountability and transparency.

HRAC will become the facilitator of public officers/citizens interface, become the voice and advocate for the vulnerable and their inclusion in decision making process, serve as a check on government’s compliance with international, regional and national frameworks and demand greater accountability mechanisms. Collaborate and share expertise with local CSOs to reinforce their impact in development.

Please accept my invitation to use this website as a resource to learn more about the important work of the HRAC. We look forward to hearing from you and seeing you at our offices and events. Together we can make the world a place we are all proud to call home.

My best regards,

Philomina Ahiable