Gender Based Violence in Schools Project

gender-based-violenceHRAC is currently working on a research project on the prevalence of gender-based violence in Ghanaian schools. School-related gender-based violence (GBV) can be defined as when a person is violent towards someone because they are a boy or a girl or when violence is experienced differently between boys and girls. GBV in a school setting can be between students or between teachers or other staff and students.

HRAC has done intensive research including conducting interviews with students in teachers in various regions of the country to better understand the issue. HRAC will also develop a strategic framework on how to deal with gender based violence. HRAC is also working on flyers for students and teachers on gender based violence which includes information on who students should report to if they fall victim to GBV.

As part of this, HRAC has developed a website, Over the course of this two year project (now in its first year), HRAC will also conduct workshops with students and teachers to try to reduce the amount of gender based violence in schools. Ultimately, the project aims to develop and see the adoption of the National Strategic Framework, and reduce the amount of GBV in schools in Ghana.

The project is funded by STAR Ghana.