Remand Prisoners Project

Remand prisoners in the Courts on the day their bail application was approved (August, 2012)

There are several remand prisoners in custody who are forced to wait several years for trial in unsanitary, overcrowded prisons. HRAC has initiated cases focusing on technicality, to force the court to grant bail to remand prisoners who have been held in custody on expired warrants.

Other prisoners have already served their sentence or have been discharged, and yet still are being held in prison. HRAC’s role in these cases is in July 2012, HRAC was able to successfully get bail granted for four out of six remand prisoners who were being held in prison on expired warrants.

For more information about the remand prisoner cases, you can read a summary of the cases HERE. One of our first successful remand prisoner cases was the release of Harrison Dzubi – you can read about his case HERE.

Fyfe Strachan, former Project Officer and Legal Fellow at HRAC had an integral role in this project, and has worked tirelessly on behalf of the remand prisoners in Ghana. You can read an article that she wrote for the HRAC newsletter HERE.