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IMG 5764The Human Rights Advocacy Centre (HRAC) on 20th February celebrated the World Day of Social Justice by organizing an educational forum at the Osu Presbyterian Preparatory School for approximately forty-seven students.
According to the United Nations, Social Justice is “an underlying principle for peaceful and prosperous coexistence within and among nations.” Social justice is made possible when socio-economic barriers that prevent individuals from reaching their full potential or accessing opportunities are removed.
Objectives of the educational forum were to raise awareness about social justice, inform students about poverty related issues in Ghana, engage students to think critically about their role in reducing poverty through education and create a dialogue around social justice and encourage the students think about how social justice relates to their own community. The hour-long session, enabled the students explored the concept of social justice, causes and potential solutions to eradicate poverty.
The educational forum began with a brief introduction of HRAC and the purpose of the forum by Mr. Owoo, the Programmes Manager. Mr. Owoo, further explained the need for protecting the human rights and social justice of persons within a society. The students also offered a variety of definitions for justice including a “condition or state where one is treated equally” and when “the law is used in a rightful manner.”
The main forum was conducted by dividing the students into three smaller groups where they explored one of the sub-themes of social justice, poverty eradication. Each group had two HRAC staff facilitating the discussion. The discussion saw the students outline definitions, causes, and solutions for poverty. They also discussed the importance of education and how education can be used as a tool to alleviate poverty.
Finally, the educational forum ended with a recap of what the students had learned during the group discussion led by Mr. Owoo. Furthermore, he emphasized the fact that ‘’wherever you are coming from, your human rights are important, and promoting social justice is a key way to ensure human rights are realized for all persons around the world’’.