Our Internship Experience

internshipThey came as interns, from all over the world. And they had wonderful experiences during their stay at HRAC. Hear what our interns have to share, and be motivated to volunteer with us.


Hear from our interns/volunteers

You can watch a wonderful video HERE, where our interns speak about their experiences at HRAC (many thanks to Mahita Penke, who is a video production student from the United States, for her great work on this), or have a read of their stories below.

Interns visit Budumburum Refugee Camp in July 2012, following the announcement of the Cessation Clause

Intern Experiences

It really isn’t hard to say nice things about HRAC. I wish I had been able to stay in Ghana longer than three months, but the time I had there was wonderful! In working at HRAC I was able to have a significant role in work that I think is truly meaningful. I learned a lot about Ghana, human rights and a thousand other things. More than that I learned a lot about myself – my goals, values, abilities and interests.  As if that wasn’t great enough, the people I met were also incredible (seriously they were great). Back home now, people always ask me if I would do it again and I always say the same thing: in a second.
Elysia, Canada

I arrived at the HRAC unfamiliar with social issues and the law in Ghana. But within the short time I have already been at the HRAC, I have learned a great deal about several human rights issues, had the chance to attend interesting workshops and interview clients who are making human rights complaints.  Although it can be a bit overwhelming at times, there is never a shortage of exciting assignments to keep me busy throughout the day. The HRAC has provided me a great learning experience that I hope to carry forward with me as I pursue a career in law.
Shani, Canada

I really liked the exposure and opportunity that was given to interns. Most interns were given tasks irrespective of their background, specialty or competence. This is one of the things I liked because it enabled me to learn on the job as well as from other people. Also the multi-tasks that interns are engaged in though tough makes one proactive and efficient. Sometimes, though, the pressure felt like a lot – but we got through it together! I really got a lot out of HRAC, because HRAC’s three main areas: advocacy, research and legal aid have enabled me realize, modify and define my career goals more specifically. Thus I’m looking forward to working with HRAC in the near future.

It was good working under Nana and with all the wonderful HRAC staff and interns.
Robert, Ghana.

Kris (middle), and two other interns – Robert and Grace – about to give presentations at a school in Accra.

I very much enjoyed my time at HRAC. As a recent graduate, it was a great way to segue into a work environment while also exploring a new city/country/continent/culture. The work is very much self-guided, which means you can do as much or as little as you are able/comfortable. Unfortunately, this means that if you are not motivated, you can do a lot of nothing. So it’s important to have a degree of self-discipline. In addition, the structure of the organization can be difficult to grasp, which can lead to some confusion.

The mix of activities was really great, as it meant I learned a good deal about Ghana’s justice system, how to do research in a country with few online resources, and was able to speak to Ghanaian clients and thereby learn a great deal more. Having a few longer-term projects also gives everyone something to fall back on when there aren’t any letters to write or presentations to give. Some of my biggest frustrations were with the lack of information-sharing across all organisations in Ghana – there is definitely room for improvement here!

Working in Osu was great – I loved how accessible good food options were, and it was not too far to Oxford St if I needed to pick up something on my way home. The mix of people at HRAC was also great, with Ghanaians of a variety of ages/experiences, in addition to Obrunis from all over the world.

I learned a great deal about myself in my time at HRAC.
Kris, Canada

I liked working at HRAC because HRAC really seems to be working on issues that matter  And because HRAC sent me to all kinds of meetings and and schools etc. Because of these little trips I learned about the actual situation and how people are working to solve the problems. Or don’t solve them, because not everything goes as smoothly as you might be used to, but that was very informative for me as well. Also the fact that there is a pretty relaxed atmosphere, especially among the interns, motivated me.

To live in Ghana can sometimes be quite a challenge, but that is not different in any other country. On the upside: Ghana has some wonderful beaches very close to Accra and a few very interesting historical sites that I really enjoyed. And the Ghanaian handshake is awesome!
Jurriaan, The Netherlands