Why should I get involved in the PBLN?

Nana Oye Lithur, Executive Director of HRAC, meeting with lawyers from the PLBNBeing involved with the PBLN is an opportunity to ensure that the poor in Ghana have access to the justice they are being denied because they lack the resources to attain it. A culture of pro-bono services is valuable for the legal industry of Ghana (along with being a requirement of the Legal Profession Act) and is a great opportunity to give something back.

And, being involved with the PBLN is incredibly rewarding. Just ask some of our lawyers:



Adwoa Yeboah from the PLBN NetworkAdwoa Yeboah from the PLBN Network

Young lawyer, Adwoa Yeboah has been on the PBLN team for some time now, and became involved during her national service at the HRAC.

“Being on the PBLN allows me to handle interesting cases, and feel like I am contributing to the protection of people’s human rights in Ghana. When we get a good result in court, and you see the look on the client’s face, it’s just fantastic.”

Rosemary Baah is also lawyer with the PBLN, and has handled six cases so far.

“Pro-Bono is a good training ground for new layers and also for lawyers who want to help the indigent”