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trotroFrom 16th March, 2019, a video of two men physically assaulting a police officer went viral. Shortly thereafter, the two men who were later identified as a ‘trotro’ driver, Francis Buabeng, and his mate, Albert Ansah were arrested by the Police. They were arraigned before the Circuit Court at Weija on 18th March 2019, where their pleas were taken. They did not have any legal representation during the court proceedings They were remanded for two weeks to reappear before the Court on 1st April, 2019. On 20th March 2019, representatives of the Human Rights Advocacy Centre together with Car Dealers Association and Committed Drivers Association visited the Odorkor District Police Station to visit the accused persons and provide them with legal representation in accordance with their right to fair trial under Article 19 of the 1992 Constitution of the Republic of Ghana. An Investigator at the Station, Officer Jonas, however informed us that the accused persons had been transferred to the Police Headquarters. The representatives of the Human Rights Advocacy Centre proceeded to the Police Headquarters to make enquiries and were informed that the Police Headquarters did not maintain holding cells for remanded persons, and that the accused persons could not be in their custody. We are by this statement, bringing to the attention of the general public, that we do not know the whereabouts of the two accused persons. The Ghana Police Service has failed and refused to inform us of their whereabouts and have denied us access to the accused persons despite the fact that they were in the custody of the police as at 18th March when they were arraigned before the Circuit Court in Weija. This is an obvious violation of their right to legal representation and contrary to the 1992 Constitution of the Republic of Ghana. We are therefore calling on the Ghana Police Service to immediately provide the Human Rights Advocacy Centre with information on the place of detention of the two accused persons as requested in our letter to the Director- General of the Criminal Investigations Department, Police Headquarters, copied to the Inspector General of the Ghana Police Service and the Commander of the Odorkor District Police Station, dated 21st March, 2019. We also demand immediate access to the accused persons to enable us provide them with legal representation. With the support of the Chamber of Petroleum Consumers, Ghana and lawyers Martin Kpebu and Augustin Gyamfi, HRAC will ensure that the accused persons receive legal representation and a fair trial.

Cynthia Nimo-Ampredu Esq.

Executive Director.

Human Rights Advocacy Centre

21st March, 2019

HRAC, Bringing Rights to Life