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ACCESS TO JUSTICE                           

HRAC’s Human Rights Clinic, provide free legal support to the public to promote equal access to justice for all Ghanaians.              
Our Human Rights Clinic serves as a walk-in centre for persons who have suffered human rights and other abuses.
HRAC will take up public interest cases  


We advocate for increased respect and protection of rights of marginalized groups through diverse projects and programmes to improve their participation and access to services.The target groups include persons with disabilities including mental disabilities, women and girls, prisoners and members of the LGBT community.


HRAC identify gaps and shortfalls in Ghana’s policy and legislative framework. 
We engage decision makers to influence reforms in and development of policies and laws.


We focus on promoting the health rights of key populations and other vulnerable groups including women, girls, people living with HIV and persons with disabilities, including mental disabilities.
We target discriminatory practices that are at the heart of inequitable access to health care.

GOVERNMENT ACCOUNTABILITY                                 

HRAC engage State actors to evaluate State compliance with national and international laws. 
HRAC monitor and contribute to Ghana’s compliance with reporting obligation under international human rights treaties.


HRAC organize outreach programmes to empower local communities about their rights and responsibilities.
HRAC build capacity of State institutions and Civil Society Organisations to improve respect for Human Rights through enhanced service delivery.

HRAC, Bringing Rights to Life